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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh ~ G-20 Summit

My hometown is Butler, Pennsylvania. But over here in Germany I tell people I am from Pittsburgh, hoping they can connect. But they seldom can. Now today all I hear on radio and TV is Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh where the G-20 Summit is being held there— as if everyone knows. And what is more, the word Pittsburgh even has a rich resonance when Germans pronounce it! I'm elated.

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Anonymous said...

The Pennsylvania Society of Mayflower Descendants brought 2 pilgrims from Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth, Mass to the Pittsburgh schools. We were able to stay in Pittsburgh schools for Monday and Tuesday. Because of G-20 Summit I had to change the location for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday to Butler schools. The Pilgrims represented themselves in Living History up to the year 1627. Patrica Grenet Hill