Friday, April 14, 2006

At the Gravesite

We took her to her grave yesterday. She was 94. Spent a life in the service of the church. Her brother was a priest and she forfeited marriage to be at his side lifelong as housekeeper and helper. She played the organ and sang. And she could cook. She lived next door to me and I would visit her. And watch out when she would walk to the nearby post office in ice and snow without a coat.
There weren't many people at the funeral. All her friends had passed on long ago.


Anonymous said...

Found your site while surfing for a mature blogger's site.
Quite refreshing to find someone who blogs about the simple things in life..contemplation,good music,nature,friendship...and does not vent about politics every day!

anon from New England

Anonymous said...

Though we do not also see and only sometimes feel ... I know the room was croweded with Saints cheering of her Love as She entered Paradise.

Honora said...

She never escaped His notice.