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Monday, August 21, 2006

Where is God?

I can still hear the old monk saying: if you love God you will see him everywhere -- in the people around you and in all of nature.


forget me not said...

This is so true Charles. And we must not be selective, choosing where and in whom to see Him. He is in everything and everyone, even those who deny him, or who live lives that we don't approve.

ccheryl said...

'if you love God'...then 'you will see'.
If you have been popping into my blog over the past several weeks, you may have noticed that my 'blogging' has been very slow. Why the lag? I have been musing and pondering on The Love Of God. I find that posting slowly gives this old gal time to reflect and ponder what has been placed on my mind and heart , thus giving me the time to reinforce, study and learn the lesson at hand.
These lessons from Him come to all of us in many forms and in unexpected ways.
Just this weekend, a spiritual sister was speaking on a particular topic and began to talk on the Love of and for God. We were supposed to contribute to the discussion,and I was prepared to do so, but all I could do was absorb and be taught..it was God speaking to me through her..BIG TIME, and I knew it. And here it is again....a strong reminder of His lesson contained in a concise (yet pithy) two-liner!
Isn't it funny that no matter how much Love we ask for, He always shows us that we are FAR from His ideal for us and that Life is a slow,progression in the way of perfection.
To love God with all my heart, soul, mind and strength, and my neighbor as myself!
Seeing Him in All around me...'through the lense of Love'.

Thanks for today's blogging, Charles!

forget me not said...

"a strong reminder of His lesson contained in a concise (yet pithy) two-liner"
My sentiments exactly Ccheryl! Charles is a master at that!
I think I've been away from the States too long...I don't know the meaning of pithy, although I can deduce it. Can anyone give me a hand? Is it just a blogging term or can it be used in other contexts?

And Charles, it's about time you posted another picture of Elias Benedict, wouldn't you say?

ROSE said...

He Whom you seek has already found you.

Anonymous said...

so true and God is so wonderful blessings to you


ccheryl said...

'pithy' is something that is brief and concise, yet 'heavy duty' and strong in meaning.
The word is often used in conversation other than online.

forget me not said...

Thanks Ccheryl. Your definition is pithy...