Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas Gift

Two weeks before Christmas an old student of mine, an '82 grad, called and said he just wanted to hear my voice. I was so moved I couldn't answer for a long time.


onionboy said...

A beautiful gift indeed. Six years ago, in a career low point, a fellow who was once in a youth group I pastored called to tell me how much my ministry had meant to him some 10 years prior. Interestingly we have each since converted to the Catholic faith.

forget me not said...

My Dad used to teach English and Italian in a Catholich High School and at the university level (Villanova, Chestnut Hill, Arcadia). He gets calls like that every so often. I think it's one of the pleasures of teaching. It makes me feel like calling my High School history teacher, who is the one who gave my brain and heart a jump start. Thank God for the many good teachers in the world. And may He illuminate the not so good ones...Happy New Year Charles!