Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Turning the Tables ~

Spent a wonderful weekend with old students of mine ['82 grads] in a quaint Black Forest hotel. They lavished appreciation on me for little things I did an said back then, that they said supported them. I came away with the grateful feeling of being their student now and of being carried on their strong shoulders.


Gypsy said...

Only the most humble soul could say that. How sweet.

Volker Hepp - Coaching für Männer said...

Lieber Charles,

schön, Dich wieder zu sehen und zu sehen, dass es Dir gut geht. Ich wünsche mir, dass es für das nächste Treffen weniger als 25 Jahre braucht. Und jetzt weiss ich auch, wo St. Otilien liegt :-)

LG Volker&Ayo

Sean said...

What a generous thing. Glad you got to have that experience. It must be nice to see how your actions are able to multiply over the lives of your students!

Mickey said...

Too often we never get to see the fruits of our labors ... we must go on blind faith. To see and be able to actually touch them must be marvelous.

I happened on your blog tonight and indeed ... it made me smile for many reasons. First your thoughts and writing are exquisite to me and inspiring. Secondly Butler, PA is within an easy morning's drive from me. I am familiar with that part of the country and I love it. And finally .... Baden-Wurttemburg is where many of my ancestors were from. Andelfingen to be exact.

I am adding you to my blogroll and I will be back. Thank you for your blog.

forget me not said...

Charles, how wonderful to have such a reunion. You are a special person indeed.

linda said...

It appears you have had an interesting life! Was Germany chosen... or was it just something that "fell into your lap"?

I only skimmed through your info---I remember the name (I am Linda Kestner---class of '65 (I can hardly believe it was so long ago-----it seens like only a few yearS! haha

anyway, would lik e to hear of your "adventures; As I am finally ready to start traveling!


LInda Kestner (shook)