Saturday, December 08, 2007

Markus ~ Heart of the Group

Markus was the instigator of our trip. He wanted to get us together again after that great weekend last May in that quaint Black Forest hotel. In Berlin he is looking out for us, finding restaurants, subway connections, sites. He is the heart of the group. A great conversationalist, always delving into a interesting subjects concerning old school days. Open and frank, genuine; not shying away when a matter gets delicate. I marvel at my old student . . . but think I saw the man he is today in the teenager of yesteryears.
His children were always calling on the cell phone. Can't wait till he gets home. I understand. . .
Christmas 2008

I hung the decorations that Markus's daughter Johanna made for me on our Christmas tree.

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JustMe said...

:-) What a wonderful picture you paint of everything and everyone.

In all honestly, there was once a time when I wanted nothing much to do with Jews, and nothing much to do with Germans. Love is chipping away at that confusion, and teaching all the time. I apologize to both Jews and Germans whom I have not at times tried hard enough to love.