Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Piazza del Popolo ~

It was in a small church. Two young girls with knapsacks walked up the aisle, genuflected, entered the pew. Bowing their heads they knelt before the Sacramant in motionless prayer. Seeing them doing that made me feel closer to You there than anywhere else in all of Rome.


Pia said...

Beautiful image Charles.

JustMe said...

How funny.. thousands of miles away, and years ago, two young girls set aside their backpacks and prostrated their demin-jeaned selves before the Tabernacle, faces to the floor, motionless. It didn't seem the least bit strange, as it perhaps should've here is stodgy prim proper ol' New England.. it felt like I was Home..felt like we were Home. Charles, maybe those were angels. :-) Thank you for this.