Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Day Clock ~

Strange, but in the afternoon after lunch just at the instant when I set the espresso pot on the radiator to dry, I am suddenly fully aware that another day of my life has passed.

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Anonymous said...

Is it perhaps better that way? Or is it better if it's one lonnnnnng day that has only been interrupted by sleep now and then? I detest routine as much as others live for it and by it. I live in the moment as best I can. Which isn't overly lucrative or productive, Maybe it's just an illusion of freedom.

But are you alluding to aging? Some days, I think I like it. I see a new line on my neck, or wrist, and I think, "How fancy!"

Maybe I'm just crazy :-). But anyway, we know (somehow) that when all created time runs out for us, we shall have entered the uncreated time of full, well joy. And finally some company that does not leave us lonely. Ever.