Saturday, September 13, 2008

Henry Clay Frick ~ 1849-1919

Spent a lot of time in museums:the Guggenheim, MoMa, the Metropolitan. But the one that left the indelible mark was the Frick Collection on Fifth Avenue. I asked myself where Henry Clay Frick acquired his taste for the beauty of paintings and sculpture. He was a college dropout. His masterpiece collection is exhibited here in the serene and intimate rooms of his home. Frick comes to life here. It was as if I were standing there looking at beauty through his appreciative eyes.

After seeing the Frick Collection, viewing much of the collection at the MoMa was like reading comic books— trite and trivial.

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Anonymous said...

Many Americans have an appreciative eye for beauty in the arts. Whenever I've gone to a museum here that hosts the ancient as opposed to the modern, I feel the same --the modern is pretty much comic book, or worse.