Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President-Elect Barack Obama ~ View from Germany

Who is this man on our horizon who has shown us his capacity to commit himself to an impossible undertaking and fight effectively to attain it -- and win? Who were his heros, his models he looked up to for such inspiration?


Pia said...

The amazing thing is that there were people willing to listen..and actually vote for him. Was it only because wallets are hurting, houses are being foreclosed? Was it because they were tired of a war based on lies?

[Poor Servant] said...

He must look marvelous from afar, but we'd have voted in a cucumber just as long as it wasn't Bush or some other Republican. Obama is far more clearly seen, however, from any of the 1.5 million wombs which will be violently emptied for whom his false messiah-hood does nothing. He has long been satan's hope for my country. We never recognize recognize reality until it blows up in NYC.

[Poor Servant] said...

Or Hiroshima.