Thursday, March 23, 2006

Parents' Lives

Often nowadays I find myself musing over my parents' lifetime in the '20s, '30s and '40s. How they lived such a full life. Their friends, their active social life, their successes. And now it is all ashes and dust, a forgotten story except for a few threads that still exist but will cease to when we pass on.


Susie from Butler said...

I just finished a brief story about my maternal grandparents who lived up country in the mining town of Hilliards Penna. It is fiction but I got so caught up in it that I could taste the spring water and hear the mud wasps droning under the coal tipple. I spent so many summers there swimming in mud and cattails and getting covered with tar and creosote from playing on the railroad tracks. I really want someone to read my story. My grandfather spent 34 years in Dixmont State Hospital which is now a Walmart Store or will be soon. Look up DIxmont Psychiatric Hospital on the net and you will see photos of the ruined buildings.

because said...

It's a waste isn't it. long lives full of work and care and love turning to dust. If we believe the saying from dust to dust, I guess it's acceptable. . . I don't think so though Time grows short and I just started another painting. Each time I do that I wonder if I'll get to finish, and what will happen to the collection of the artist when she's all done and gone..