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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Gift from Heaven

What does a first time grandfather say when his daughter, the little baby girl I used to play with on the soft carpet in the living room, has given birth to her own baby now? She kept waiting for me to say something on the phone. . .


No Longer Available said...

Hi Charles
As we all know the average home phone is a wonderful communications tool but lacks the emotional protocols to express the unseen. The sparkling eyes and silent tear as one looks toward Heaven in thanks. The shaking hand as one hold the receiver. The quivering lip and slow pacing as the countless memories pour into place, etc. Soo .. until that Father and Daughter hug, the one that captures past to present, and expresses God's joy in your lives can be given ... a from the heart "I Love You" should be the bookmark of this chapter for you will be coming back.

Maria Pia said...

The silence that transpired between you transmitted a million words and feelings. It is fitting that a man who paints pictures with his words is at a loss to say something at a moment like that. The words will well up later, one day at a time, as this child (girl or boy?) opens his or her heart to the world and the grandfather and everyone else witness the daily miracles. Congratulations.

ccheryl said...


Allison Chambers Coxsey

As if God saved the best for last,
With a gift from Heaven above;
Then sent it down on angel's wings,
In a tiny bundle of love.

The purest touch of Heaven,
God sent to live on earth;
Is there within your first Grandchild,
In the miracle of its birth.

The first time that you hold them,
Nestled in your arms so sweet;
They somehow steal your heart away,
And make your life complete.

As if God saved the best for last,
Then sent it from Heaven above;
This tiny babe on angel's wings,
Your first Grandchild to love.


Charles said...

We made the trip to Stuttgart where we picked up our son and then on to Mainz, some four hours from here, to see the little fellow [Eilas Benedict], whole and healthy, and the happy parents. He is the best gift we have received since our own children were born, some 35 years ago.

Pia said...

It's a pity you live so far away...

Honora said...

I've found that just as when they were new Dads (or new Dad again), Grandpas need time to digest the thought of this new little being. the more new little beings come, the more older beings go - something inside us wants to make that sort of room, but we need to square it away within, perfectly. I've also found that Grandpas are the ones whom little kids fall in love with third or fourth, and it lasts even long after the grands are gone. Meanwhile, the fun to be had is unlimited. My deepest congratulations to all the family.