Sunday, June 18, 2006

Solemnity in the Streets

It was truly magnificent! Feast of Corpus Christi in our village in Germany. 60 altar girls/boys, 30 choir members, 35 musicians of the brass band, grown ups and children in the local costume, 30 members of the fire brigade in dress uniform. The priest under the canopy with the monstrance, men carrying church banners, all marching slowly through the streets to stop at three different altars for the blessing with the Eucharist. What deeply impressed me was the atmosphere of awe and the many people along the way who would go down on their knee or bless themselves as the monstrance passed by.


ccheryl said...

We have several large feast days here in some of the ethnic communities, but the atmosphere is more of fun and frolic than awe and respect.(not that Jesus is against fun and frolic, mind you)
I love to see those prints of the laughing Jesus:
Laughing Jesus
Jean Keaton's art

forget me not said...

I'll be going to our procession in about an hour. I don't know if it will be as awe filled, but in our town people cover the streets or make hearts with flower petals and hang their best linens or crochet blankets out on the balconies.