Friday, October 20, 2006

Cosmic Order Restored !

Yesterday morning at 7 a.m. I drove to a field of flowers nearby. You cut whatever flowers you want and drop a few coins in a metal container on leaving. I wanted a bouquet of zinnias for my wife's birthday. This morning I discovered that my expensive flower shears were missing and thought I might have left them there. If that were the case, there would hardly be a chance that they were there, but I drove back anyway. Low and behold, there they were right in the middle of the path where I had left them. How many people had been there and not seen them, God only knows!


ccheryl said...

Your anecdote reminded me of an incident , a bit the same, which happened to me in the 70's.

After a snowstorm I went to a nearby bank, and there sitting in the middle of a mound of shoveled snow lay a wad of money..a THICK wad of money...right outside the door of the bank. I just stood there and watched all the people walk right past, so decided to pick it up.After was in plain view of everybody, laying on the top of pure white snow! One couldn't miss seeing it. As I picked it up , a passer-by retrieved a dollar bill which was blowing away and said "Here! is this yours?" "No", I replied.."It's not mine". So he shrugged, pocketed the buck and went on.
I took the money into the bank, just waiting for alarms to go off, or men in black to yell "YOU! Down on the ground, NOW !" But ...silence, business as usual. When it came my turn at the window, I asked the teller to inquire if anyone had reported losing a large amount of money outside the door. She asked the other tellers and came back with a 'negative'. So I left my phone number and went home. I then caled the police station and reported the find, telling them to call me if someone reports losing a specific amount of money.(if I left it at our police station, I'd never see it again, and neither would anyone who lost it, believe me).
Well, to this day, no one has ever called me about that $124(minus $1)I found in 1972. I was a student fresh out of college and it was a valuable find!

I often wonder if the owner was just standing nearby waiting and watching to see who would retrieve it... a Good Sam out to do a random act of kindness Big Time!

I had forgotten all about that, monk!

Charles said...

A wonderful story, Cheryl. I am a believer in the Good Sams out there.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I am on the other side of the coin, so to speak. As a young married woman, I was struggling to make ends meet. I went to the bank and cashed my paycheck and withdrew enough more to cover the months rent. I stopped at a sandwich shop and had a quick bite. About 3 hours later at the office to pay my rent, the bank envelope was missing! I was in a dead panic, I raced back to the sandwich shop all the while panicing. What would I do? I don't remember if I prayed or bargined with God, but he must have been looking out for me that day. When I walked in the young man who was there earlier looked at me and smiled, he reached under the counter and miracle of miracles handed me the missing emvelope. He said, "I was hoping you would come back for this." Here was a kid who probably made $5.00 and hour and he chose to be honest and give me back the envelop which contained $600. I was never so grateful in my life, and I even cried a little. I thanked him over and over, and as I walked away I told him the one thing my mom used to say , "Hun, your momma raised you right."