Friday, October 27, 2006

Rehearsal for a Concert ~ J. S. Bach ~ Mass in B minor

When God heard what J. S. Bach created in the Kyrie and Agnus Dei of that Mass with its entreaty "have mercy on us", He had to be so moved by the music that He, then and there, forgave all the sins of the world.


forget me not said...

I watched an interview with Sting last night. He, like you, just loves Bach. He said one thing is to listen to Bach and another is to first look at the notes on the page, and you can immediately feel his passion; study it and play it, and you can feel his presence in the room with you. He calls him his "maestro".

Charles said...

Now I know where Sting gets the passion he puts into his singing. He is one of my favorites.
Thanks for telling me about him.

forget me not said...

Now right there, you surprised me Charles!