Friday, November 30, 2007

For Tamara ~

 For Tamara

When the light breaks through,
when our hearts beat with yours
Tamara dear,
then we know that we too
have been refined by the fires
of Auschwitz you knew
for our lives have changed,
having learned from you
and your hands' work
what faith, hope and love
can do.


We corresponded, each encouraging the other to focus on Auschwitz in our art, to keep Auschwitz alive in people's memory, especially in the young. [click "Labels" below]
+ June 26, 2007


Charles said...

This is the notice I received for Tamara's husband.
Dear Charles,
I have the sad duty to tell you that Tamara passed away on June 26 after open heart surgery and a germ which she caught while in the hospital.
It was a great shock to all of us. She is in a kibbutz about 40 km west of Tel Aviv. On the uncut stone are the words from one of her poems. "I peek through the shutters of life onto eternity".
She enjoyed so much corresponding with you.

JustMe said...

May she rest in peace and joy and thrill.. no, may she leap in peace and joy and thrill. Thank you for loving her on behalf of many, Charles. My condolences to her other loved ones.. what a dear woman.