Thursday, July 03, 2008

My Self ~

Why was I wearing a shirt, tie and jacket in the heat last Sunday when our choir was invited to sing in the cathedral in Freiburg, Germany. The others were in sport shirts, some in shorts. . . I wonder why I did that. I think Dad would have been dressed like that, and Grandpa and some people I looked up to and respected when I was a child. Now somehow it is in me, that bit of formality, that respect for our traditions, that wanting to carry on in the old footsteps.


Anonymous said...

No apology needed; I agree that a shirt and tie show respect, dignity and class, both for the event and one's self.

Recent surveys show, however, that wearing neckties is at an all time low.

And I find myself wondering, from time to time, if there's another change in what's considered correct formal wear in men's fashion around the corner anytime soon.

But I always have a jacket, shirt and tie in my bag when overnight traveling, even to beach; you never know what might come up!!

James Z.
Tampa, FL.

Anonymous said...

I always feel that men who revert to what Dad and Grandpa did (in some things) are trapped like a trap in a trap (to quote Dorothy Parker). My husband is the only man in our circle of peers who retains nice little wingtip shoes. The worst part is, they aren't really him. They are his father. And when he wears them, he walks like his father, and moves his hands like his father.. and I will never be his mother to his father.

Just don't get trapped in matters. If you really feel you must dress up, do it your way.
:-) Well, that's my 2cents' worth on it all, anyhow.