Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Indirect Speech ~

In I Kings 3 I read that Samuel thought he was hearing the priest's voice when the Lord was calling to him. After hearing the voice a second time the priest told Samuel, if he would hear the it again, to say: speak on Lord for Thy servant is listening. What struck me was the indirect way the Lord took when He spoke. It is not dangerous, perhaps fatal, to think that the Lord might speak to me directly? How often I wait for His direct way and overlook the indirect completely.

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Hush said...

How so? He has numbered the hairs of your head, knit you in your mother's womb, laid His life down so as to pick yours up with His, and gave you His Spirit, His apostles, His mother, His foster-father, His grandparents and all His friends. It would not be impossible, thus, for Him to speak directly--He certainly has done so with some saints, and it could only be dangerous or fatal if you lost your humility through it--is that what you mean? My mom dreamed of Him, but He spoke directly to her very briefly (and Beautiful-ly), saying something only I knew about, and not her.