Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Feeling Like a Terrorist

I never had anyone check me over as closely as they did it at the Frankfurt airport before I got on the plane. No area of the body was left unexamined. I felt as if they would only be satisfied if all of us had stripped and gone out to the plane naked. Chuckled about that as we lifting off and were getting above the clouds.


Brother Lesser said...

You were probably being "profiled."

When asked if I am carrying any weapons, I have to admit to them that I have the most powerful weapon known to mankind in my pocket; a Rosary!

ccheryl said...

Here when riding the train I notice everyone looking very intensly at anyone carrying a large bag. Now here, we have tons of university students and also transients who sleep on the train with all their baggage, so we get that all the time.
Charles, did you think to yourself, "better safe than sorry?"

I always pray when on the train or going through the tunnels here in my car..you've read about The Big Dig project which fell on and killed a woman a few months ago. But when on the train, it is silent meditation with NO LIPS MOVING for fear I'll be taken for a terrorist about to blow us all to smithereens.