Thursday, September 21, 2006

On the Way to the Airport ~ Mannheim Train Station

She must have been 60. He carried her luggage in and found a seat for her by the window. A quick kiss. Then he went out and stood on the platform close by her window, waiting. The train pulled out but she didn't wave because she was so busy storing her bags.


ccheryl said...

Welcome back. And now, you must tell us all about your trip 'home'.

re: the sad. Perhaps she was not just mindful of the bags, but wanting to get time off from the cares around her? Could they have been casual friends? Could she have been unaware of all that was happening around her?
So many possibilities to develop this scene into a story.
I see her as someone very tired, just wanting to get away for awhile.
ok...I give up...who was this mystery lady?

forget me not said...

Welcome back Charles. How was Pennsylvania??

Charles said...

I guess it was just one of those thoughtless inadvertencies we make every day.
It appeared to me as if the lady forgot about her husband the moment she got on the train. It was sad to see him standing at the window waiting when the train started to move and she didn't react.