Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Over the Ocean

Oh, the distance! If I were not flying back to what was once home, I would feel completely lost and alone. Up over Scotland along the edge of Iceland over Newfoundland, Canada into Detroit, Michigan, to board there again for Pittsburgh. All in 9 hours. By ship it takes 8 days. Home is far away. Easier to arrive there poetically, and on a deeper level, spared of stark, unpleasant realities.


Pia said...

Oh, I understand you perfectly, Charles. I'm planning my Christmas trip home right now, looking for good buys for the tickets. I look at the return date and think, "that's going to be a sad day, again". But it will also be happy, because I look forward to coming "home" to where I live now. If it were not for the people I miss, I'd have long forgotten my old "home", because where I live now is home for me. It did take a long time for that to happen, but it's a wonderful feeling.

Anonymous said...