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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Mental Images ~

I can still hear the wise old monk saying: Consider that things are often better in the imagination than they are in reality.


myosotis said...

Now that can be taken in more ways than one. Does it mean we should be more optimistic and keep dreaming? Or does it mean we are oblivious and do not see our spiritual shortcomings?
I suppose, being a wise old monk, he was referring to the spirit. I've always wondered about this: On the one hand we are God's beloved- He loves each and every one of us in a special and unique way. But on the other, we are unworthy because we are sinners. It seems we more readily believe in our unworthiness than in our preciousness. And in doing that, we add the sin of pride to the long list. These thoughts make my imagination worse than reality. ..Or am I getting it all wrong?

ccheryl said...

Many times we do not want to accept reality as it actually is, so we imagine.
But then there are those who do not have a great capacity to imagine...I for one.
That is why I am drawn to and by St Teresa:she had a very limited ability to use her imagination.
Does that make it easier to accept reality? No.
Today in "spiritual" circles we hear the words 're-invent' and 're-imagine' frequently, don't we?
I always admire those with great imaginations who can craft stories so well. A gift.
I guess those who cannot imagine are just old fuddy duddies!

Anonymous said...

Well, with this, I thought of a friend with whom I'd worked on a Catholic venue for years.. we're very similar in spirituality and ways of life.. We've never met--kinda offered that up for the work.

Because he is a little one, a servant of the very poor and poor in spirit, I have imagined kissing him sweetly on the forehead in a blessing-hello. Well, of course in reality, we would bonk heads at that moment, and I'd probably send him unconscious, so yes, things may be better in the imagination.