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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Getting God's Attention

Knowing our selfishness [it was given to us by Him, our Creator], I think that God must be pleasantly moved when any one of his creatures breaks out of oneself for just a moment and sends up a word of thanks to Him — for life and what we see in other people and nature all around us.


ccheryl said...

"But..where are the 9 ? " came to mind when I read your bloggings. I am sure we have all been in that situation when we knocked ourselves out for another's benefit, and received not one word of thanks and that same Gospel scripture came to mind, causing us to feel just what Our Lord felt.
Some have a thankful heart, and some don't.
Thanks for the reminder,charles.
O to have a free and thankful heart like St Francis!

forget me not said...

I know I'm being overly simplistic, but I imagine the same tender smile of a mother or father when their children say a heartfelt thank you.

Honora said...

I thank Him all day long.. how could one not? Everything is cause for joy. Look at a tree.. the green of chlorophyll that cleanses the air, the veins of a leaf so intricately carrying water from the soil to these furthermost appendages.. We make housing and furniture out of trees, and even a means of communication (paper) and wrapping for gifts.. A tree houses food for birds, it makes homes for the squirrels, and it's beautiful to the eye. It provides shade and fruit, camouflages a homeless pheasant. One can scratch an itch on the trunk whether a bear, a deer, or a person, or carve your and some special someone's initials in it.. It provides exercise and dreaming for kids; you can hang tire swings from it, and set down a brand new winged thing to take flight from.. So many leaves of green things are heart-shaped. Of course. :-) A Heart designed it all..

If one appreciates a tree that much, how much more do we admire and rejoice over those who are made in His image, how much more to thank Him for..