Thursday, July 20, 2006

Fighting Insufficiency

It cannot be: that he who formulates a prayer better than the other is more worthy of being heard.


ccheryl said...

When it came to prayer, even as a child, I preferred to just sit quietly. I found that even one of my sighs could be a prayer, but was unsettled in my mind because so many in the church were eloquent pray-ers and stressed going to God with words, words, words.
One day at a ladies' prayer group we were asked to share how we prayed. When I shared that I found fulfillment in wordless prayer, I was literally laughed at by the leaders of the group.It was disheartening and embarrassing to say the least. I never went back there.
It was then that I sought spiritual direction, was accepted by a dear brother monk who studied and taught St John of the Cross. I learned of the charism which I had been given, and also that there are many in the world who practiced silent prayer in the Church today.
psalm favorite!...He knows what is in our heart and mind already!

Even a sigh ,a loving inner gaze, or a solitary teardrop can be a profound prayer in my estimation.

forget me not said...

You're so right Ccheryl! Words Words Words!! As if we feel it is our prerogative to tell God what to do! Wordless prayer is an emptying of the self, that allows God to fill us. In my opinion...

ccheryl said...

I once knew a man who found a verse in the Bible which said: "Concerning the work of my hands, COMMAND YE ME" Isaiah 45:11.
I cringed when he said that God, through that verse, was inviting us to ask(command Him) largely for whatever we wanted.
He began to teach it and made commanding God for things a focus in his life.
He would say "God doesn't want us to eat hotdogs, God wants us to ask largely for STEAK". Surprisingly, he did get some of the things he asked for, but it was through his neighbors' generosity and not his commanding his Maker, IMHO.
When he prayed he sounded like a machine gun firing pauses in between his sentences, no coming up for air! It was a sight to behold and ponder!
I am all for vocal prayer..but feel more at home in the stillness.

Honora said...


There have been days when feeling as Peter did when he said, "Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man," my prayer has been 4 words that spoke volumes, "Don't lose me, Lord.."

forget me not said...

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