Friday, July 07, 2006

Experiencing Loss ~ Soccer Championship

There was a picture in the newspaper this morning of a young boy in Hamburg with the German colors wrapped around his shoulders walking along the sidewalk with his head down and the caption read: Insurmountable Katzenjammer. I have heard some people who ridicule these fans who just can't seem to get over a loss. I feel for them. They'll pull out of it eventually. Just give them time. Besides that, maybe it's not bad to get some practice at experiencing loss. There are other insurmountable losses coming. Like when you lose your son in Iraq or a child drowns in the pool.


ccheryl said...

Here I live in the land of "Red Sox "Nation as they call the huge group of Sox fans.

When these fans lose, they lose big-time...the grown men can be seen on the morning news just a-sobbing from the depths, tears streaming down,in their grief, unable to articulate a comment for the reporter's camera.

I have never been a sports fanatic, but somehow I feel that a game and their sports stars aren't worth an achey-brakey heart.(or a brawl for that matter)

Honora said...

Grown women, too, ccheryl. A team that boasts both a Manny and a Papi should nevah evah lose!

A lovely but sad poem, Charles. Indeed, it is good to keep things in proper perspective.