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Friday, May 12, 2006

Last Words ~

I remember my friend Tom who died last December saying, jokingly, that when he was gone he would make himself felt by tugging at my jacket when I was out taking my morning walks. I didn't take him literally but started to think that the crows I see when walking might somehow be expressing that tugging. Ah, that's silly! Be that as it may, somehow the crows have taken on new meaning for me.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps each tug is an opportunity to pray for his soul?

I will say the rosary tonight for your friend.


Anonymous said...

It is 2 days later and I remembered this as I logged on to check your blog today:
On a PBS special there was this piece on birds and it showed crows calling to each other and actually signaling the other crows of the death of one of the group. They actually held a sort of crow mourning service and funeral. It was kind of erie.
In the summer I can hear the crows calling each other from many blocks away in the neighborhood. They really go at it and chat away, one waiting for the other to have his say and then responding. A real dialogue. I'd love to know what they are discussing.
Strange bird, the crow..especially in their choice of diet!