Friday, May 19, 2006

Kodak ~ Another Icon

Heard rumblings yesterday that Bell Laboratories, a symbol of American ingenuity, is about to be dismantled. And now, Kodak is focusing very sharply on digital. If their late entry into digital photography doesn't pan out the whole complex might come tumbling down.


ccheryl said...

I read that the Kodak digital line was alive and well and gaining..the company was 'refocusing' everything towards digital.
Was that only Germany you were referring to, Charles?

Charles said...

Consumer Digital sales totaled $498 million, down 10%. Loss from operations for the segment was $94 million, compared with a year-ago loss of $58 million.
Kodak lost out early on, underestimating the whole digital revolution and is now playing a catch-up game. Overall, the company just reported the 6th consecutive quarter of losses. Over here in Germany in the area of digital/analog medical devices, I hear the segment is up for sale. Hits me, CCherly, because I know someone in a good position in just that field.

ccheryl said...

What will we ever do when we have to grab our cameras and shout, "Hold it ! I believe this is a Kodak moment!"

Another name in that phrase just doesn't
sound right! LOL