Sunday, May 28, 2006

World at the Window

Standing at my window in my study I can view our yard at eye level. What all can be seen there as the months pass! One foot away I have the most beautiful columbine that has shot up between the flagstones.


Maria Pia said...

Here in Italy the wheat fields are already turning from green to greenish, to blondish...interspersed with blood-red poppies here and there. Every spring a different type of flower catches my eye. My favorites this year are what I suppose to be thistles, light purple in color. I associate the name of that flower with one of the Crayola crayon colors...I have an unopened box of crayons I bought during one of my trips back home. Every so often I take them out... to smell them...And like Proust's Madeleines, they whisk me off to another place, a place were there are many good memories among the bad.

ccheryl said...

Believe it or not, I have never seen columbine! They are a delicate flower and pretty. Lots of green where you are, monk. Relaxing to see.

My neighbor has bright orange/red chinese poppies which I look forward to seeing pop up every year.
Lately I have been into my White Flox David and my pink flox also. Yesterday I planted some red and white salvias, but they are drooping because the temp has been in the upper 80's and very humid. Last week we had to turn on the heat it was so cold and damp. New england weather...something for everyone.

Hi Maria Pia !

No Longer Available said...

I can almost here them giggling right now. Maybe they grew just to look in at you .. how odd you must seem behind that glass.

thought: I cannot remember the scientific term (no not gravity)that causes plants, etc, to grow in the opposite direction of the force that it exerted upon it. I did a test years ago. I planted grass seed in a foil pan and placed it on a old record player running at 33rpm. I watered and talked to it everyday. In a months time I had a grass cone in the pan. The outward force caused the grass to grow at an angle. Soo .. with this in mind .. who is that man behind the glass in the study .. hehe

Chia said...

What a beautiful picture !!

Kind regards from The Netherlands.