Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Walk in the Woods

Every now and then one realizes things in a whole new light. For example, the notion that nature in all its forms is a being that is totally independent and that it exists all by itself and needs no help from man. Trees and flowers and birds and insects are givens. Literally given to us. One is astounded when one realizes that obvious fact fully.


Anonymous said...

Gifts given for our use.
but doesn't mankind do a great job turning it into AB-USE?
I live near the ocean and the amount of trash that washes up is astounding.
You are right. Nature doesn't need care. We need to care for our selves by not polluting nature! Nature will be fine if we change our habits, I say.

I used to go camping and bugs and creatures were never my favorite when they got into my sleeping bag..but what-the- hey!...they were there before me and I'm the one treading on their turf.

Have you read Bill Bryson's book ? Funny!

Charles said...

Our trouble is that we take everything for granted. Would that we could learn to cherish nature.
Thanks for your comments, Anon. Charles

Anonymous said...

It is bitter sweet to grasp the true order of things in God's nature. He created beasts and supplied their needs. Birds stir and chirp when they are happy. So I quess they were the first to say thank you. That in itself should reel us back to an understanding of our place on this stage.