Monday, May 22, 2006

Monk's Insight

The lesson of the wise old monks stands: If you have all you need with 20 of a thing, do not strive for 30.


Anonymous said...

Or do without and share.

ccheryl said...

The first comment above reminds me of my parents. My Dad was a common laborer, my mother a secretary. Both worked hard to provide for my brother and me and to put us through school.

I can remember meeting my Mother at lunchtime during school vacation where she would take us for the treat of eating out at a cafe near her office.
She could not afford it and would go without to let us have milk shakes and other treats after we had eaten our meal.

Each Memorial Day weekend, as a tradition and in her memory, I plant colorful flowers around the house. That special time is coming up this weekend.

loving Mother
accomplished pianist
teacher of Christ's Gospel to children

Please say a short prayer for my Mom's repose.

Charles said...

For Mother, Our Teacher

We children
would be sitting
at table
around noon
one of them
would come
in off the trains
to our back door.

We wondered why
she would fill
a plate
for him out there
on our back porch,
and have
the five of us
make do
with that much

Anonymous said...

I say a prayer for a remarkable Mother. "More precious then Rubies" as the Bible would say. May the flowers be extra special this year. They will glow with the Good News for all to see.