Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just four months ago he gave me my yearly checkup, Dr. C., the dermatologist. Yesterday I read in the paper that he had died. Fifty-six years old. On inquiry they told me he had hanged himself.


ccheryl said...

How awful! One never knows what another is enduring in heart and mind. He must have been carying a tremendous weight to depart and make such a dramatic statement in his going. As a Dr. there would have been prescriptions he could have found to go unconsciously and without violence to self.

Our world is a harsh place to go it alone and w/o Peace.

I still pray for him.

Anonymous said...

It is not for man to judge with his finite wisdom. The beast and the man are now in God's hands. If it be God's will, may paradise await.
I too pray, for he is not alone, and will not be the last.

Charles said...

Today my wife and I are going to the funeral. It will be held in a beautiful baroque Catholic church. His wife and grown up children and surely a large crowd of mourners will be there. We don't know the family but just want to be there to show our sympathy for a man we felt warmly toward and respected. Years back he had come to Germany from Romania.